How To Maneuver Around Sugar-Daddy Culture

Updated: Apr 8

Let's be frank... there's a species of ladies that want a man who could completely take care of them, even if that means hunting them down and playing mind games to get what they want. If you're looking to avoid these types of encounters, then the best way to maneuver around this #sugardaddy culture is to become in-tune with what their motives and ploys are.

Sugar Baby Lingo To Look Out For

  1. Allowance: The money or incentives given

  2. Spoiled Girlfriend: A well-kept woman whose value is measured in how she's treated.

3. Sugar/Salt: Sugar is the honeypot. The person who has the means and is willing to provide. Salt is someone who wants to provide but dent have the means to do so but will still act as if they can.

When looking for someone special, be aware of those who use those words or behavior leans towards gold-digger status. This could indicate that they're only there for the benefits. As soon as the benefits stop, so will they!

Sugar Daddy vs Salt

Sugar Daddy: A generous man who's willing to give a woman gifts and money in exchange for their time and other adult activities.

Salt Daddy: Basically someone who will dangle their "riches" but doesn't actually give it. A "poor" man putting up a front for someone out of their league but cant actually fulfill any promises made.

Looking for an authentic "good girl" could be easier if you knew how to weed out the sugar babies. Stay ahead of the game with these interesting reads that were written for women as playbooks:

Sugar-Baby Activities

Sugar babies on the prowl will relocate themselves to the places "money" hang out. This will include upscale hotel bars, cigar lounges, upscale dining places and neighborhoods after work hours. You may spot one sitting by herself looking extra gorgeous sipping on a cocktail alone. If it's a group effort, there will be 2-3 hanging out but never more than that. They wouldn't want to appear unapproachable with a large group. What's going on here is strategic baiting. Baiting with looks alone. Only the bold and confident will approach her. Those out of their league will be too intimidated to approach. From here she will be scoping you out and asking little questions that'll clue her in on the type of man you are.. a sugar daddy or salt.

Sugar-Baby Body Language & Appearance

An on the clock sugar baby is a busy one. Everything she does and says is to get to the next dollar. With that being said, even her body language is a money maker. Appearing to be sweet, bashful, coy and dressed like money, she is looking for someone who thinks she's God's gift to them and worth every dollar thats spent on her... as long as that dollar is TOP dollar! She will be in appealing clothing that shows off her best assets. She will be prim and well-manicured. Her looks are her strongest tool. (I only used a pic of myself because I dress

Maneuver Around Sugar-Daddy Culture

Her move is to be seductive, and flirty. Touching and teasing is her game. Dangling the pum-pum is her only play. If you can control your sexual urges and aren't impressed by the "dumb busty blonde" act, then you can maneuver around sugar-daddy culture. It's that simple. If you aren't thirsty for pu$$y then you have a legit chance to win against sugar babies on the prowl. Then again, if this type of thing turns you on, then you just got the play-by-play on how to go find you a sugar-baby.


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