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  • An Epic Breakfast & Brunch Idea!

    Looking for a creative new way to upgrade your breakfast or brunch presentation? This waffle bowl maker from amazon is everything!

  • Impress Guests With A Charcuterie Board

    Having a few guests over? Or maybe just a special someone... Make a snacking board that'll surely make you their favorite host. Skip the pots and pans and opt for a spread that quick, easy and delicious. Shopping List: Triscuits Club Crackers Cheese Crisps Raisinettes Honey Roasted Cashews Milano Cookies Town House Dippers Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries Blackberries Red & Green Grapes Mozzarella Pearls Olives Garlic & herb Spreadable Cheese Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels Pistachios Smoked Gouda Cheese Blue Cheese Parmesean Cheese Babybel Cheese Sharp White Cheddar Pretzel Crisps Chocolate Covered Pretzels Yogurt Covered Pretzels Pepperoni Hard salami Prosciutto Sweet Sopressata Dry Coppa Raspberry Jam

  • Opulent Travels: Luggage

    Make a fashion statement with this gorgeous luggage set I recently came across. This black-owned company called Tote & Carry sells luxury travel bags and I am quite in love. My first impression of their travel bags was wow! I immediately bought the Black Apollo II Travel Set for my guy and put it aside as a gift. It's so damn stylish and quite affordable! They even have AfterPay as a payment option! I just had to show this to you because it's just too good not to share! I bought the XL travel set and I used a discount code for additional money off. It comes with both the backpack and XL travel back showed above! I just know he will love it. Add even more to your travel style with travel accessories from Sincerely Opulence.

  • Upgrade Your Space: Succulent Wall Planters

    When I was still in the decorating phase of my home, I found myself stuck on an area in my kitchen. There was this long narrow space between the fridge and a window that was empty and seriously needed filling. I had no idea what to put there that wouldn't make it look cluttered or overthought. Then I came across a fantastic idea that worked out perfectly for this odd space. Succulent wall planters. Watch me create and display this hanging work of art that transforms my wall into a conversation piece... because it looks absolutely amazing and REAL! Shop The Supplies From Amazon Shop all the supplies from Amazon Purchase our premium blog for even better ideas and step-by-step DIY's to bring your space into a whole new element of "WOW factor".

  • Colognes That Leave A Lasting Impression: TOM FORD NOIR EXTREME

    Tom Ford Noir Extreme is one of those scents that can be catalogued under the term "Panty Dropper". It's intense and alluring to the point where you WILL get asked "Wow...what are you wearing?". It's that good! What Motivated Me To Purchase It I was watching "Top 5 Last Minute Fragrance Ideas" holiday gifting vlog by SaxDa65Fragrances and I was sold on his descriptive depiction of this fragrance. Without ever smelling it in person, I was convinced it would be the perfect pick when he said "When you leave her bed, this is the scent that will make her not want to change her sheets for two weeks... it's that damn good". That was all it took to load it into my cart. The Price Point As a luxury brand, Tom Ford can already be expected to be on the pricy side, especially if you're going for the larger bottles (which I highly suggest for this scent). I found the best price from FragranceUSA. The best part about getting if from them is that they offer discount codes and Afterpay. I paid $125.82 after discounts for the 3.4oz bottle and got the pay for it in 4 installments of $31.45. You may also want to check out the supply Amazon has. They sometimes have sellers competing for sale with great prices as well. What He Thought Of The Fragrance His initial impression was that he loved the look of the bottle.Very high-end. He dispersed one small spray on his chest to test it out and he did a double-take at the bottle. He was very impressed. If you have the coin to send, don't spend another moment without this cologne. Let me know your thoughts when your purchase arrives or if you already have it! #colognes #tomford

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